Development Plans

Hummingbird Finance in 2023

What is Hummingbird Finance ?

HUMMINGBIRD FINANCE is an audited, vetted, and trusted static reward token that benefits investors who hold, the contract is designed to apply 3% tax to every transaction. 1.5% is distributed to the current holders and 1.5% is burned forever which decreases supply of HMNG.

Core Functioning

HUMMINGBIRD employs 2 simple functions: Reflection and Burn In each trade, With HMNG you don’t need to stake or add liquidity to the pool for reward tokens. Just hold and earn free tokens from every transaction.


We’re building a project that will see us leverage Decentralized Finance (DeFi) to contribute positively via donations to the growth and conservation of global hummingbird fauna. Our mission is to donate to charities that seeks to protect endangered hummingbird species globally.
By doing so, we not only generate and donate funds to hummingbird fauna protection projects but also raise awareness.


Original Supply: 100,000,000,000,000,000
Total Burned: 60,993,678,034,508,485

Development Plans for 2023

✅ Each month the Nestswap lottery will have a 300k HEGG top up.
✅ January, 426,000 HEGG burned
✅ February 1,000,180 HEGG burned
✅ Plans are being draw up for a new development for Hummingbird Finance. 
– New staking pools for Nestswap
✅ HEGG burn target total for Jan, Feb, Mar: 1 million Exceeded
– Staking pools partnerships
✅ NFT collection launched
✅ New partnership with GOBNB NFT Racing 
✅ HMNG Billboard advertising in Netherlands

✅ HEGG pools closed preparing for switch to fixed supply
✅ NFT airdrop 1, 100 Neuvo Eggs for Easter
✅ NFT airdrop 2, 200 Galaxia Eggs for Easter
– HEGG token change from inflationary to fixed supply, due 11th April.
– HEGG burn to bring supply to 48 million tokens
– New HEGG staking pools
– Moonshotmerch store for crypto and Fiat payments.
– Onboard crypto project to the merch store

– HMNG wallet update
– P2E game development
– NFT mystery box release
– Donations to Hummingbird charities from NFT sales
– bull run CEX listings
– marketing

 Achievements in 2022

✅ January, released Hummingbird Finance Crypto Wallet on Android.
✅ Engaged new doxed CEO
✅ Expanded the team.
✅ CEX listing for HEGG – March, DigiFinex. 
✅ New pool partnerships plan
✅ Updated Coinmarketcap data for HMNG and HEGG.
✅ Regular AMAs booked.
✅ Community development.
✅ Increased community engagement.

✅ CMC description update and roadmap submission pending
– [delayed]Release NFT’s hummingbird artefacts collection (for P2E).
✅ Develop NFT marketplace(NS).
✅ Consultation, should HMNG token be revamped to a V2
✅ Deploy NFT Minter
✅ Deploy NFT launchpad
✅ Commence Android Crypto wallet app development.
✅ Update Coingecko data for HEGG.
✅ Launch NFT marketplace (NS).
✅ Upgrade the lottery mechanics on NestSwap (1 draw per week).
✅ NFT release for birthday celebrations HEGG

✅ Wallet updated
✅ HEGG listed on Coinstore
✅ New community engagement tools
✅ Over 600k HEGG Burnt
✅ New marketing
✅ Unstoppable Domains functions added to HMNG Wallet

✅ Monthly HEGG burn
✅ Monthly Lottery top up

Safety & Security

Rugs & Scams are increasing on Binance Smart Chain so in order to make our project secure and safe we performed the following:

  • Fair Launch via Pancakeswap
  • Liquidity locked for via Dxlocker (Part of Dxsale)
  • Contract has no hidden backdoors or scripts
  • Audited by

After a successful launch in April 2021 it was time to update our road map form 2022