How to buy
Hummingbird Finance
Token $HMNG


Bringing you a decentralized world

Buy HMNG, quick and easy in a few clicks and your tokens will be added to your wallet. Remember to add HMNG token name to your wallet!

Contract: 0x14357d294fbabbe0fbf59503370c772d563b35b6

How To Acquire
Hummingbird Finance

  • Download Trustwallet.
  • Buy BNB from the exchange you like.
  • Transfer it to Trustwallet BNB address.
  • Swap or exchange your BNB to Binance Smart Chain.
  • Go to Dapps/browser on Trustwallet.
  • Find Pancakeswap here.
  • Switch Pancakeswap to V2.
  • Select currency and paste $HMNG Smart Contract Address. (Can find on the website).
  • Swap your Binance Smart Chain to $HMNG. (Set Slippage tolerance to 4% or higher).
  • Keep HODL till you become Millionaire.

Tutorial Video for buying HMNG (with out Dapp)

How to buy HMNG with nUSDT in HOTBIT